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We Specialize in out of town expenses, travel and other tax issues unique to the traveling professional.

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Thank you for your interest in Travelers Tax Service. We have been preparing taxes for 21 years, with an emphasis on people who have traveled out side of their tax home. Our ultimate goal is and always will be to help you maximize any refund and minimize any tax liability.

The main difference between our service and other tax services is other services ask you what deductions you have, we tell you what your deductions are, and we don’t miss a thing! We supply you with our questionnaire that breaks down all of your out of town expenses in separate categories, and is extremely helpful in bringing out hidden deductions that would otherwise possibly be missed, or even deductions that you were just not aware of. This way, you get the whole picture, you’re not rushed, and you can take your time and answer our questions in the confines of your home or where ever you might be, and that means more money in your pocket.

Our tax preparation includes the 1040A to the in depth 1040 long form, and all applicable forms and schedules. We also, prepare all states returns resident and non-resident, and specialize in multi-state returns. If you have a small business, a farm, rental property, don't worry, we can handle those too. After filling out you’re questionnaire you will mail/email/fax it back to us, along with you’re W-2 forms, 1099’s, home mortgage statements, ect., and in most cases we should be able to finish up your tax return in one or two days.

Although we will not guarantee you a refund, we are confident we can get you more money back on your tax return than anyone else. We will guarantee you an accurate return, personal attention and prompt and courteous service.

If you would like us to prepare your tax return and need more information, please call us. @ 910-279-6833