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Traveler's Tax Service

We have been preparing taxes for the traveling employee for over 25 years.  We prepare personal, business, farm, itemized, multi-state returns.
Give us a call, text or email us for your complimentary phone conference and we will help you get started.  You'll find out how easy it is to work with a tax preparer who works for and cares about you. 

Our Services

Our Servuces
Tax Returns

We prepare personal tax returns with complicated itemization, multiple states, business, rental, farm income. 

Business Tax Returns

Business returns: From large to small business, we can handle all your business return needs.

Farm Tax Returns

We have the knowledge to help you get the most from your farm return.

Out of Town Expenses

With all the new tax laws we are here to help you with your itemizing.

All States and Multi-State Filing

We prepare all state returns and often prepare returns with mult-states. 

Personal Support and Service

We are here to answer your questions, consult you, and give you a personalized service you won't find anyplace else.

Text us your W-2 forms and we'll get the ball rolling.

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Text your W-2 forms to get the process started.

We have a customized questionnaire that will help you organize everything you will need to complete your tax return.

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Traveler's Tax Service
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Traveler's Tax Service
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